Eleonor Magnusson

Eleonor Magnusson


Qualified in: Angels & Ascension • Lemurian Healing

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Eleonor 'Solaris Amora' Magnusson is an intuitive lightworker with a life mission for improving the world and spreading the love to people she meet, sharing her knowledge and lifelessons during the way.


Eleonor is an Atlantean Healing™ Teacher and an Oracle Messenger certified by Birkan Tore, based in Sweden. She has studied several different healing modalities for many years, and was first certified as a Reiki-healer after which she became a certified Master Teacher in Magnified Healing®. Eleonor is also a Lemurian Healing Teacher and an Ascension Teacher certified by the Diana Cooper School. As a Past life therapist, Eleonor has many insights and experiences, which she shares with her students. Her natural teaching abilities and coaching experience as a NLP-practitioner help people understand and connect with her many subjects, where she lovingly guides her students through her courses, while also giving them tools in which to empower themselves and improve their lives and the world we live in.


Eleonor is also a successful entrepreneur in her company Eleonor Productions where she produces events for world renowned teachers and authors as for example Dr Masaru Emoto, Doreen Virtue, and Birkan Tore. In the heart of Sweden, in a town called Östersund - famous for it's lake monster (similar to Nessie in Loch Ness) you can visit her spiritual centre Eternia.


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“May I walk with you? May I hold your hand? as the golden curve becomes a world-road… May I be your friend? May I love you more? as I lean into your heart and whisper: You are not alone.”

-H. K. O’Hara


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