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Anthea grew up and still lives in the Swansea valley, South Wales. Up to the age of seven she played and danced with angels. They would fill her bedroom with light, love and laughter. To this day her always open curtains are an invitation! She also had an imaginary playmate named Morwena, which translated is “white maiden”. Morwena is one of Anthea’s guardian angels.


Anthea has always had “sixth-sense” experiences, which have given her an intuitive approach to life. She believes that we all have these insights, although we don’t always recognise them. Angels can help us to shape our lives, but we must remember to ask them for help. Anthea enjoyed twenty-two years as an early-years teacher and manager. For twelve years in Wales and ten years at international schools in the Middle East. She taught children from over fifty nationalities, from many different cultures and religions yet within the classroom it felt like one family. It was a tremendous experience and she has lovely memories of her time there, the children whom she taught and the friends she made from all over the world.


She found her trips into the desert spiritual and felt that there was something “more” for her to do in life, she almost felt the presence of God in the tranquility of the environment. Heaven and Earth met! In 2001 she returned to Wales, a country rich in legend, myth and legend, regarded by many as God’s country – well, certainly by the Welsh! At this time Anthea began to see angels again. They surrounded her with love and gave her a beautiful vision for the future. Her journey had begun. She attended angel workshops and courses, researched the subject and met like-minded people. When she began the Diana Cooper School Angel Teacher’s course in June 2005 it was like the pieces of a jigsaw fitting together and she knew where her future lay and began teaching Angel Workshops in 2005, qualifying as an Ascension Teacher in November 2005.

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